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Friday, 14/06/2024
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Filippos S.A. commenced operation in 1971 and has been one of the leading/largest companies in the field of canning and trade since then.
To accommodate its activities, the company has established two industrial estates in Dimos Antigonidon and Dimos Apostolou Pavlou in Imathia, which gradually evolved in their current operational state in 1990.

The factory unit located in Dimos Antigonidon has peach, apricot and fruit cocktail process/production lines, packed in cans as well as peach and apricot puree in aseptic. The capability of raw material processing can reach 1000 tons daily.
The factory unit located in Dimos Apostolou Pavlou focuses its activities in producing manufactured tomato products (tomato paste, peeled tomatoes and diced tomatoes) and other vegetables. It also incorporates lines for canned tomato paste and aseptic packing processes.
The canning section of both factories operates seasonally while the labeling, packing and shipping section functions all year round.
During high operating seasons both factories can occupy up to 600 employees daily. For the rest of the year the company’s employed personnel consists of 30 to 40 employees.

Presently, the company’s disposition is expressly intended for exporting, as 95% of its production is exported.

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